The mission of Public Lands Journal is to provide information about public lands in the United States to help others gain the ability, confidence, and knowledge to experience and advocate for public land.

Public land is one of the biggest blessing we have as citizens of the United States of America. For those that haven’t had opportunities to spend time on public lands, we want to make sure you can learn about places you can go and activities you can do.

To many the public land in the United States is a potential source of wealth. The only problem is that the government owns that land. Some politicians work hard to pass legislation that will make it easier for public land to sold for private interests. We are against that and hope that the content on our website will help you understand the threat of public land transfer and what you can do to help prevent it.

We seek to inform you about public land related policy, legislation, and activities by presenting information as factually as possible. Content on this website is rooted in research.

About Konrad

Konrad is the owner of Public Lands Journal. He grew up in southern Utah with access to unique public lands. His family also owns land in the area where they grew hay and raised cattle. Throughout his life he has experienced the benefits of having land (both public and private) to explore and learn from.

Konrad has always enjoyed outdoor activities especially hiking, backpacking, fishing, and hunting. These interests led him to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science and a Master’s degree in Ecology. He is currently working toward completion of Doctorate degree in Water Resources.

The combination of his education and life experience allows Konrad to glean information from primary, scientific studies and present that information in a way that can be easily understood and implemented by other outdoor enthusiasts. Much of the content on this website has been created with the vision of making information from scientific studies available to recreationists that can benefit from it.


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